Post Production- Colour Grading.

Adriano Mestroni // Owner // Senior Colourist :

  • 1984/1985 - Telecine operator at national television channel Rete 4.
  • 1986/1989 - Colourist of films for prime-time transmission at national television broadcaster Canale 5.
  • 1989/1991 - Colourist at Digital video, working with the first daVinci installed in Italy.
  • 1991/1992 - Colorist at TTV.
  • 1993/2009 - Senior Colourist at Interactive Group that became Contrast in 2002.
  • 2009/2010 - Senior Colourist first at Rumble fish and then in Square as expert in linear and non-linear colour grading
  • 2010/NOW - Senior Colourist and Owner of BAND with Alberto Mantini- The VFX Supervisor and partner. Adriano's studio is a new kind of post production, where everyone could work on a project simultaneously giving the client the possibility to follow all the stages of the process simply moving from one room to another.
  • Adriano is working with Resolve15
  • Yes, it has the licence for DCP conversion
  • Adriano has two assistants/ Conformist : Can Aviral as junior colourist and Tobia Invernizzi as editor and incharge of technical pipeline.

They have together five years of experience working with Adriano.

Color Grading Historical Showreel

Adriano Mestroni

2013 Color Grading Showreel

Adriano Mestroni

Showreel Computer Graphics 3D

BAND Post Production